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these smaller packages and add-ons are the perfect way to bring your Pinterest board to life with help from professionals while still feeling connected to the planning process. you will be with us on every email, organize over too many cups of coffee, and feel like a part of our team every step of the way.

Design Services

let's make it beautiful! whether you are a detail czar and need help throwing it all together, or genuinely have no idea where to start, we can help. no design idea is too difficult.

Micro Wedding Planning

are you dreaming of a small intimate wedding? or did the pandemic throw off your plans? micro weddings can be just as beautiful and elegant as a normal wedding, just on a smaller scale.

Invitation Design

whether it's save the dates or your detailed invitations we take all of the side work out of your letters. all you have to do is stick a stamp and throw them in the mailbox. 

Elopement Coordination 

can you just not freaking wait? we got this. let's get a photographer and plan the day so you can tell everyone you are married! we can do it lickity split.

For additional information on these services and packages please submit an inquiry, shoot us an email, or give us a call! We would be more than happy to help but these are all planned on a case by case basis.

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